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Men’s MinistryThis group of men gather monthly to discuss how they can better affect the church.  How they can build better relationships with the youth of the church and with each other.  Discussions are had on topics like how to be a better friend, father, brother, etc.  This group also hosts activities for the youth. Leader:    Brian  Fullman


New Members/Visitors
The Visitors/New Members ministry focuses on making visitors and new members feel welcome and included at our church and church events.
Leader: Deborah Gunter
Praise Dance Ministry
This group usually meets on Friday evenings. Notification will be made on the web site if the place of practice changes. This group is
currently for the youth of New Creation Church and is not limited to girls. See Markesha Zigbou if you are interested in joining the Praise Dance Ministry.
Leader: Markeesha Zigbuo
Women of Purpose
Women’s Ministry Group for Women Ages 18 and Up. There is a sub group for young ladies 18 and under.
Leader: LaToshia Jackson
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